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At the age of 50, Ren Xianqi spent money and life in Dakar for his dream.
The 2017 Dakar Rally started in South America on January 2 and Ren Xianqi, 50, participated in the race. Unfortunately, in the race on January 3, Ren Xianqi hit the tree in the second stage and was injured and quit the game.  The driver, Ren Xianqi, was born on June 23, 1966 in Taiwan, China. He participated in the Dakar Rally for the first time. The official website introduced Ren Xianqi to be concise and clear. Here, all his titles and brilliant resumes in the performing arts industry will become void, and Ren Xianqi has only oneIdentity-Dakar driver who knows his destiny.In the Dakar Rally, the age of 50 is not an absolute old age, but in the eyes of ordinary people, 80% of this person is crazy to challenge the death game with this age.  If you are not crazy, you will not survive. Most people who have reached a peak in a certain field are crazy.Xiao Qige has been in the entertainment industry for decades, and has been popular in the three places on both sides of the strait. He has earned countless money in his career. Although he has a stable life, he has gone to the wilderness of South America.What kind of force drove him to reach the track in Karl, what magic is there in Dakar?  The Dakar Rally was created by the Frenchman Zelli Sabine. It is a game of true bravery and the highest level in its kind.At the same time, it is also the most difficult and even the most dangerous rally in the world. Since its inception, 35 years have claimed 67 lively lives.Among the victims, there were both contestants and audiences on the sidelines.In this death game, it is a luxury to finish the game smoothly, let alone win the championship?Perhaps it is this kind of danger that can stimulate the primitive impulse of mankind to face difficulties. This impulse is just as natural as courtship, eating, and breathing.This is a pilgrimage, a dream chase, a conquest trip for rally enthusiasts. In addition, it also requires a lot of capital.Take the motorcycle group as an example, the price of a motorcycle to complete the race is at least 1 million yuan, which is not counted as expensive visa, transportation, accommodation, insurance, gasoline, communications and other expenses.Unlike the Olympic Games and other events, most players need to pay for it.In other words, this is a very expensive game.In Dakar, income and expenditure are severely disproportionate, with dozens of winners in the motorcycle category, with prizes of only a few hundred thousand pounds. Previous page12Next page