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Muscle and body can’t be trained in a day

In order for muscles to develop, it is necessary to let the muscles play their proper role, that is, let the muscles consume energy, and the energy consumption reaches the front end to make the muscles firm and generate new fibers.

To do this, muscles need sugar for fuel, not protein.

Too much protein can’t be stored in the body, it will be broken down to produce a by-product, urea.

Urea must be filtered through the blood before being excreted through the veins.

Therefore, too much protein virtually adds to the burden on the kidneys.

At the same time, due to increased urine output, the body loses a lot of water, and dehydration may occur.

If people continue to exercise while dehydrated, it will cause constipation, fatigue, reduce the level of exercise, and even shock.

In addition, too much protein increases the acidity of the blood, causing discomfort and fatigue.

  If soldiers endurance sports, if they want to get real benefits from high-sugar foods, they can absorb complex sugars, such as beans, bread, porridge, rice, etc. These foods can slowly oxidize in the body and provide endurance athletesenergy.

If you take a simple sugar food, although the blood sugar gradually rises and produces energy, it will cause a sharp drop in blood sugar afterwards, making athletes lack energy and lose vitality.

  Some people think that exercise alone cannot lose weight.

In fact, this is wrong.

On the contrary, dieting alone cannot lose weight.

Because normal exercise can lower the adult’s fixed value, it can keep the body fit for a long time, so that the aunt who has already lost will not reproduce again.

Persistent aerobic exercise can increase metabolism by 25%; brisk walking metabolism increases by 17%.

Therefore, even without dieting, a person who is overweight who insists on walking for less than a year can reduce weight by 10% to 20% on average.

  The way the exercise consumes the feces in the body is based on the original stored feces. To achieve the ideal “burning” effect of these feces, the amount of exercise should make the heartbeat reach 65% of the limit number (220 age reduction)70%, usually the longer and slower the exercise, the more aunts are consumed.

For example, 30 minutes of exercise can use 35% of trace fuel; 40 minutes of use can be more than 50%, and jogging can burn 45% of misfortune, 45% of sugars and 30% of protein; almost all of the speed runningIs sugar, consumes only a few aunts.