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Seven natural health methods to help you get acne

Seven natural health methods to help you get rid of acne (acne) are a lot of people’s troubles. There are many reasons for acne, excessive sebum secretion, bacterial infections and inflammatory reactions.

MMs have worked hard to try multiple ways to fight acne.

Many therapies cost a lot of money, but the results are not satisfactory.

Here are 7 natural healthy ways to teach you how to fight acne, so you can get rid of acne at home and have bright skin.


The most effective and natural restorations for honey and lemon are honey and lemon.

Honey can detoxify and eliminate fire, and lemon is rich in vitamin C, which can promote skin repair.

Honey and lemon are natural products that are easily absorbed by the body.

Therefore, this repair method is very popular, it can add moisture to the skin and dry acne, can whiten and beauty, clean the skin, and eliminate acne.

All you have to do is squeeze the appropriate amount of lemon juice into the honey, stir well and apply it on a wooden board, and wash it off with water after 15-20 minutes.

The remaining lemon honey can be soaked in water, which is more effective when taken orally and externally.


Steam Therapy Steam Therapy is the best way to fight acne, even for very stubborn acne.

The steam can fully open the pores, which is good for cleaning the deep dirt and sebum of the skin.

With the needs of Ms. Amy, there are many home-made beauty steam machines on the market now. MMs can use steam therapy at home to remove toxins from the skin without going to a beauty salon.

For better results, you can add essential oil or tea oil to the steam water.

At the beginning, the effect may not be obvious, but the results are definitely worth looking forward to, and we need to persist for a long time.


Ice pack has a magical effect on the treatment of acne.

First wash your face with warm water, put the ice in a plastic bag, and apply it on your face for a few minutes.

Ice can shrink pores and prevent bacteria from invading the skin.

Ice packs also help reduce skin redness.


Clay Mask Natural clay mask can clean the skin and remove toxins.

Clay masks are similar to steam in that they can help deep cleansing, replenish minerals, and promote skin absorption.

This mask has many benefits, one of which is to fight acne.


Tomato Mask Tomatoes metabolize vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A, which can successfully deal with this inflammatory skin disease.

Slice tomatoes and apply them to the whole body. Tomatoes are acidic and can dry acne.

In addition, tomatoes fight antioxidants and fight free radicals.


Yogurt Cucumber Mask Cucumber contains ascorbic acid vitamin C, which is very effective in treating skin irritation and skin swelling.

In addition, cucumber has a moisture content of 95%, which can replenish moisture to the skin.

Yogurt cucumber mask can kill bacteria and reduce acne and age spots.

This mask is a powerful weapon against acne.


Healthy eating Sometimes acne is caused by improper diet.

In fact, many diseases are caused by malnutrition.
Therefore, maintain a healthy diet every day, eat less spicy, fried, junk food, eat more fruits and vegetables, supplement nutrition, and don’t forget to exercise regularly.