Hang up the phone, holding the quilt Shen Xuan blankly at the ceiling, I suddenly felt this huge house empty horrible, inexplicable eyes a hot, close your eyes and let her own to sleep, wake up maybe come back tomorrow Mu Ting , after all, he was not even hit by cars are dead, this is certainly not an accident.
  Still tossing and turning, she was holding the phone afraid to miss any news, when between light sleep to the next morning, she no longer had intended to sleep, the first time is to see the phone, but not o杭州桑拿n top of any missed calls, nor message bell assistant, she was also took to touch lost.
  Because to see Muyi, so today Shen深圳桑拿按摩 Xuan did not go to the hospital, but did not dare to tell her about my grandfather, afraid of each other along with worry, now elderly must not any longer stimulated.
  O’clock in the afternoon when Muyi was over, because the appetite, noon Shen Xuan did not eat anything, aunt Wang thought she was going to lose weight, give her a cut plate of fruit, but when you see Muyi over, go get scared again security, after all, the last thing vividly, Shen Xuan immediately stopped her, and let the rest go on the other side.
  She was afraid that a person in danger, the king repeated aunt paused, finally went down.
  When the two men left the hall, Mu Yi would be very comfortable sitting opposite her, but in the eyes a little too much but it is a different kind of thing.
  ”You never lie to me.”She Muguangruju.
  The latter sat there fr北京夜网om time to time with a fingertip lit table, looked unchanged, quite a while, the surface was gradually infected with a touch of a smile, “Of course.”
  With a bit of people do not un