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Westone (002268) incident review: severe cyber war situation Westone guarantees the security of key national information infrastructure

Events: 1.

Venezuela started a large-scale blackout nationwide from the evening of March 7 (local time).

The blackout mainly affected the capital Caracas and at least 20 of the country’s 23 states, affecting nearly 30 million people, and the internal communication network was also affected.

Venezuelan Minister of Information and Communications Rodriguez reported that the nationwide blackout has gradually resumed from the eastern part of Venezuela on the afternoon of March 8th, but a large-scale blackout occurred again at noon on March 9th and the system was restartedInitial recovery.

Venezuelan President Maduro said during a rally that on the morning of the 9th, 70% of the country’s power supply had been restored, but then the power system was attacked again, resulting in widespread power outages.

During the restoration of power supply on the 8th, relevant departments found that the power system was damaged by “high-tech means” by electromagnetic attacks.


Russia is considering temporarily leaving the global Internet as part of its cyber defense tests and is expected to be implemented by April 1 this year.

The draft law, originally called the “National Plan for the Digital Economy,” requires Russia’s Internet service providers to ensure that they can operate with isolated foreign networks.

At present, there are a total of 13 IPv4 domain name root servers on the global Internet. The primary root server is in the United States, and the remaining 12 replace secondary root servers, but none are in Russia.

The test will mean that the data transfer between Russian citizens and organizations will stay at home, rather than disseminate ideas internationally: Cyber warfare is increasingly becoming an important part of national confrontation, and the cyber offensive and defensive capabilities of the national infrastructure are imminent.

Cyber warfare is a military confrontation in traditional countries. It is not restricted by international law, it is difficult to track down and it can cause significant losses.

The destruction of the Guri Hydropower Station caused the collapse of the country’s power supply. The measure must be a cyber attack on automatic control systems, and these devices often come from the United States.

It is difficult to obtain conclusive criminal evidence for such an attack, and there are precedents. The control system of the Ukrainian power company was attacked before Christmas 2015, resulting in a large-scale power outage. The United States and Russia blamed each other.

The Iranian power grid has also been attacked and the perpetrators have also been found.

The blackout in Venezuela has given us a wake-up call, and we must improve the national offensive and defensive capabilities of critical infrastructure.

On July 10, 2017, the National Internet Information Office issued the “Regulations on the Security Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure”, which delineated the scope of protection of critical information infrastructure, clarified the security protection responsibilities of relevant departments, and stipulated security protection responsibilities.Basic system.

In the future, the “Regulations on the Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure Security” is expected to be promulgated within this year, and the network security industry will fully benefit from it . Guardian lays out the security operation and maintenance of central enterprises and industrial Internet security to provide guarantee for the national infrastructure.

The company completed the safety operation and maintenance project of the central enterprise subsidiary of China Merchants in 18 years and completed the acceptance, which opened the company as the main carrier of the country’s key information infrastructure-97 central enterprises implemented the safety operation and maintenance work, touching the 20 billion scaleState-owned enterprises safely operate and maintain new markets.

“China Electronics Technology Group’s Situation Awareness-Based Website Security Solution” was replaced with “2018 Top Ten Central Enterprise Network Security and Industrial Internet Solutions”.Team design.

“China Electronics Technology Group’s situation-awareness-based website security solution” includes “cloud”, “management”, and “end” integrated defense ideas including website server host protection, situational awareness based on website applications, monitoring and early warning platforms, and automated operation and maintenance.The internal website application defense system of the platform is supported by expert manual services such as penetration testing and emergency response. It uses multi-dimensional visualization and multi-perspective self-service to achieve the goal of improving the security level of the company’s full-level sub-company website applications.

Russia ‘s April 1 isolation of foreign networks also illustrates the importance of network security and data security at the national level and cannot be controlled by others.

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Risk Warning: The promotion of security operation and maintenance fails to meet expectations, fierce competition in government affairs clouds, and 5G gradually exceeds expectations.