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Teach you how to restore tired skin

The law of life cannot be changed, and we can only explore the secrets to deal with the skin problems caused by insufficient sleep in practice. Whether it is a common countermeasure or a personal experience, we hope to provide a way for the sleepless school to repair the dead sheep!

  Overtime, playfulness, insomnia, and late sleep are caused by many reasons, and we have gradually become the “less sleep pie”.

Less sleep seems to give us more time to move, but it has the most direct and worst consequences-skin damage.

Since the rules of life cannot be changed, the secret to coping with skin problems caused by insufficient sleep can only be explored in practice.

Whether it is a common countermeasure or a personal experience, we all hope to provide a way for the sleepless school to make up for the dead!

  Little Sleep Pie Beautiful Physiological Clock 21:00?
23:00 This is the time of lymph function and hormone secretion, and during this time, the speed of cell division is 8 times faster than usual, and the skin’s absorption rate of skin care products is extremely strong.

Therefore, even if you are going to stay up late, you have to complete a set of basic skincare procedures for the evening, including makeup removal, cleansing, using essence and night cream. It is best to strengthen the lymphatic detoxification by massage.

The period of 1:00 belongs to the “light sleep period” in the general sense, but the “less sleep pie” beauty generally has not slept by this time.

However, the most important skin repair is carried out here, so those who stay up late are better off trying to relax themselves. At this moment, add some vitamins or apply a mask with a repair function, which will be very good for your!

2:00 This is the precipitation of liver detoxification. The doctor suggested that the body should be put to sleep at this time so that the liver can complete metabolic waste.

But if you ca n’t sleep at this moment, then at least do n’t drink espresso or alcohol after that, so as not to cause a burden on the body. Drinking more water can help the body accelerate metabolism and also make the skin the next day have a foundation to keep it moist.
At 4:00, the doctor told us that this body’s resistance to implantation is very weak, and it is also the most susceptible time for critically ill patients. It is best not to stay up late for this time.

“Sleeping less” is not the same as “not sleeping”. In any case, it is time to wash and sleep.

If you have been facing the computer and the secretion of oil is strong, it is best to perform simple cleansing and skin care again before going to bed.

Can’t I calm down?

It’s good to have a bubble bath with music and incense.

At 7:00, the regeneration activity of the cells is minimized, so water will accumulate in the cells, and the lymphatic circulation is very slow.

Therefore, the poorest “less sleep pie”-who had to get up at this time and slept late the night before-will inevitably swell the eyelids after getting up, so choose an eye cream that can enhance blood circulation, break down toxins and eliminate edema.
Beauty with constipation invasion, it is best to eat breakfast here, it can stimulate gastrointestinal motility and promote the body’s “detoxification” work progress.

  The Perennial Sleeping School reports who can grind that I am a night owl. There is no shortage of “active sleep less” people now. The “Perennial Sleeping School” mostly belongs to this category.

Over the years, they have formed a “late sleep” life pattern, staying up all night and staying up all year round, and naturally have accumulated sequelae.