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Men are bad because women are stupid

In an interview with me, Xiao Jing, who claimed to be “smudge-free but not stained,” said very calmly. The girl with jewelry on her body and joints laughed proudly: “These were all selected and purchased by myself.Sent.

“They like to be weekend lovers and get together once a week,” so as not to bother each other. ”

Yes, it is troublesome to love someone, so there is a new polite phrase that I have always advocated: “Sorry, I love you!

“Xiao Jing and her boyfriend always leave immediately. She never sticks to anyone. Even if she goes out to eat, she also implements a strict AA system, and no one owes anyone.

  Men make mistakes before women are stupid!

The best way for new women to protect themselves when dating in love is a bit like crossing the crossroads in China: one stop, two passes and three passes.

  Yu Ju has an apartment of her own. It’s not big, but it’s very sophisticated.

She is a recognized girl, so she moved away from her parents to live alone, but returned to the elderly with her parents on weekends.

She said, “I have hard wings and I like being single.

“However, she was happy and worry-free recently, and she has to bid farewell to being single, because she” must marry in advance “!

  The 27-year-old Yu Ju looks much younger than her actual age. She still looks like a pure student. She wears a white skirt and has clean and refined hibiscus.

  Three years ago, she met Gang and has been in love with him ever since.

They love each other and their parents agree.

Yu Juben wanted to marry her boyfriend in 2008. In her opinion, long-distance love is only interesting.

Then I will go to Beijing for my honeymoon and watch the Olympic Games . That is the sweetest and sacred dream in her heart.

  On a moonlit night before each month, power was cut off in the community where she lived, so she had to ask her boyfriend to just go to the movies together, and thought that she would return to power after watching the movies.

  When her boyfriend took her downstairs, the security guard told them that the electricity would not be delivered until the next day, hesitating, just volunteered and said, “I’ll stay with you tonight!

“Yu Ju thinks about it too, so she agrees. She is a woman who is afraid of darkness. Besides, she insisted that she hadn’t” touched her finger “for three years.

He usually only allows him to “handle, hug up to kiss”, he is very cooperative and obedient and will not foul.

  However, would it be a mistake to lead him into the room tonight?

After all, this is the first time in the “same room” . When it was time to take out the key to open the door, a cat screamed and ran, scaring Yu Ju into her boyfriend’s arms, so she was more determined to stay with her boyfriend.

Like the Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty, she was most afraid of the cat named Chun, not to mention that it was a long dark night.

  I lighted up the essential oil candle, the fragrance was overflowing, even without electricity, no flavor.

After eating fruit and drinking cold water, Yu Ju was a little cold, it was late autumn.

When she was about to find a blanket for her boyfriend, they embraced her and said, “Baby, I don’t want a blanket, we can warm up together!”

Yu Ju shook her body to break free of him, but the one who embraced herself from behind was holding herself tighter, a warm current spread all over the body, and she was comfortable, so she no longer rejected him, but she was still saying, “Hate,Don’t take advantage of the fire!

“At this time, it was already burning, and he couldn’t help himself anymore. Under the candlelight, his breathing gradually thickened . Then he just hugged Yu Ju, turned around, and Yu Ju giggled.

This smile was like a shot of stimulant to Gang. He forgot all the “rules” Yu Yu once unilaterally settled and lost his girlfriend and fell on the sofa because Ju had not fully reacted yet.He forcibly owned her body . When Yu Ju awoke, she cried, then beat him, regretted it.

But just like a child who did something wrong, he couldn’t fight back, and stood down side by side innocently. This made Yu Judun feel compassion and couldn’t bear to continue punishing him, but still felt angry, unwilling and afraid.The mood is extremely complicated.

  It was finally dawning, just admitted that it was wrong, then went to the hospital to buy medicine and came back to “remedy”.

Although Yu Ju returned to peace, she felt uncomfortable all the time.

In this way, she was confused and unprepared to “lost her body”. The ideal equation of love progression in her mind came to an end. A ray of morning sorrow made her carelessly dress up. Facing herself in the mirror, she asked herself:”Are you still waiting in 2008?

“Since it has been” give him “, Yu Ju decides to marry as soon as possible after one week. She does not want to fall in love with any psychological baggage.

But it’s fair to feel pain in my heart.

The boyfriend’s behavior was an infringement on his own dignity, but he knelt down and confessed his mistake, saying, “I can’t help myself because I love you!

“Yu Ju was very contradictory, because she loved Gang, so she asked me to come out and talk about my heart.

I said that if you think getting married can put an end to these inner struggles, that’s also an option.

But she still has a shadow in her heart. Simply speaking, it seems that all of this is “forced”, not the kind of state that comes naturally.I am speechless.

Yu Ju is a serious girl, she reminds me of the word “dating rape”.

In fact, many girls have experienced this kind of thing before marriage, but they have never considered it as a question to reflect on or reflect on.

  How much do you know about “dating rape”?

What are the odds of a romantic date turning into a thrilling “dating rape” without your absolute prediction?

What is your IQ index for dating rape?

Learn to say “no” to “dating rape” to have a safer and sweeter dating time.

  It should be said that there are not too many perverts who specifically invade women by dating, but more “boyfriends” forcibly occupy each other in the name of love, which is often easier to get girlfriends’ understanding.

In particular, the prevalence of online dating has happened too much: girls who are full of anticipation to meet with netizens have been “wolf-hit”, which is “dating rape”.

If a woman goes alone to a man’s place, in his car or other hidden space, the woman could be a victim.

It is obvious that the occurrence of dating rape is not limited to the first date.

  So how can women in love improve their awareness of prevention?

  First, don’t be greedy for cheap, eat softly.

Light lovers avoid avoiding spending money on each other.

  Secondly, you can be intoxicated when you pledge each other under the moon, but don’t get confused. Please remember a new word: Gorgeous Turn.

The new women should be good at “gorgeous turns”, not eager to cater, or flatteringly.

Only in this way, keep a certain distance and maintain a certain temperature, love will flow long, smooth but true.

The most important thing is to be “safe”!