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Workout plan on a treadmill

Preparation before sports: To change the loose and casual clothes for outings in the wild, you must wear sports running shoes, prepare a wet towel, a bottle of body drink, remove the key, mobile phone and other items and put them on the side, and go into battle easily.

If you put in a relaxed and cheerful music with a clear sense of rhythm, it is better to have a mirror when exercising.

  Note: Do not eat for 50 minutes before and after exercise. You can add some water appropriately. The indoor temperature should be around 20 degrees. Do not have strong wind directly on the practitioner.

The indoor light is not too bright or too dark.

For the first practice, reduce the difficulty and control the heart rate at 160-180 beats / min. People with chronic physical diseases should be accompanied by personal tutors or family members if allowed.

Women who do not have a history of exercise and dysmenorrhea should not practice it during menstruation.

  Start exercise: Start running at a speed that allows you to walk for 2 minutes, then transition to stride for 2 minutes, and jog for 5-10 minutes.

If the body becomes slightly warm, it is advisable to sweat slightly.

Pay attention to the coordination of body posture and breathing during exercise.

Lean your body forward slightly, push your abdomen slightly, walk forward with your feet, step on the running platform, keep your torso upright, and swing your arms forward and backward naturally: breathe in with your left foot step, exhale with your right foot step, breathe one step at a time, and be proficientThen breathe in two steps and breathe in three steps (such as inhaling left and right, exhaling right and left).

The running speed is controlled at 3/5 km / h, and the heart rate is controlled at 100-120 beats / min.

It varies from person to person.

In addition, you can also find the preparation method you like, such as our scientific fitness has a pair of preparation exercises.

  Then gradually increase the speed to 8 km / h and control the heart rate at 120-160 beats / min.

At this time, you should run up, pay attention to wearing safety buckles, keep your body balanced, and flex your arms with your elbows in front and back of your waist to speed up the breathing rate. Active breathing, the abdominal muscles actively participate in breathing, with your eyes looking straight ahead and your head straight.

The maximum heart rate is controlled at 180 beats / min.

If you can breathe well, you can reach this level after a month of exercise.

At this stage, 35/45 minutes must be guaranteed. Speed adjustment is very important. It can be combined with speed. It is best not to stop.

You can listen to music, sip water, look in the mirror and smile to encourage yourself.

Do not exercise too much to avoid excessive fatigue.

It is advisable to speak at this time, otherwise it will slow down.

  At the end, the running speed should be gradually reduced, from 8 to 5, and then to 3 km / h.

Lasts about 10 minutes.

Let the body gradually relax. After that, it is best to make joints and relax the large muscle groups, such as the slightly controlled tibia limbs, stretching the back and front muscles and ligaments of the thigh, and it is also beneficial to the health and protection of the heart.

  The most important thing for treadmill exercise is to walk physically, run correctly, and coordinate with breathing and movement.

It has a good effect of bodybuilding and bodybuilding, and improves cardiopulmonary function.

Also, keep practicing at least twice a week.

The effect is good.