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JUST plant egg and egg processing leading company Michael cooperates to enter the catering field
Sauna, Yewang learned from plant egg production company JUST on May 21 that the company is the exclusive producer, supplier and distributor of large egg processing companies in the United States.JUST is a food technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. Its main product is plant eggs developed from protein extracted from mung beans.In recent years, JUST has been looking for cooperative suppliers on a global scale. In addition to the retail sector, it has been exploring the catering industry and food raw material market.Sauna, Yewang learned from JUST on May 21 that the company has reached an important cooperation agreement with Michael Food Company. Michael Food Company will become a JUST plant egg for the catering industry and food raw material suppliers.According to public information, Michael Food Company was founded in 1908, it is a subsidiary of the well-known grain food postal holding company in the United States, and is one of the world’s largest egg processors.Sauna and Yeenet have noticed that JUST has now established a plant egg market in the Americas, Europe and East Asia, and has reached partnerships with South Korea Sanli Foods, Thailand ‘s Funin Group, Bimburgh Group, edible fat producer Alianza Team, and delivery platform Delivery Hero.protocol.For the pioneers of the Chinese market, JUST co-founder and CEO Josh Tetrick said that the main growth of plant eggs will come from the Chinese market, and has now cooperated with potential partners.Sauna, Ye Wang Ouyang Xiaojuan editor Li Yan proofreading Li Xiangling