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The orthopedic surgeon recommends a foot bath, which is very useful!

Old cold legs have attacked again?
The orthopedic surgeon recommends a foot bath, which is very useful!

A cold autumn rain, a few autumn rains, the weather is getting cold, many old people’s “old cold legs” have been committed, all kinds of acid, hemp, bulging, pain all come together, but also afraid of the wind is cold, the flexion and extension are unfavorableIt is really painful.

The old cold leg is a common name for knee osteoarthritis. It usually turns cold when the climate is cold, and the pain is intensified when it is raining, and it is repeated and delayed.

Due to lack of liver and kidney in the elderly, less blood loss and more likely to suffer from knee arthritis, the elderly patients with cold legs are mostly elderly people. The name of the “old cold legs” is also the same.


It is not an “old” word that is an old man’s patent. In recent years, orthopedic clinics, many of them are young girls. When they encounter cold weather or cold, the legs will be swollen, numb, and painful.The precursor of “old cold legs”.

This and the young women nowadays “have to be gentle and do not have temperature”, usually do not pay attention to keeping warm, some summer long-term wearing short skirts to stay in air-conditioned rooms, or wearing high-heeled shoes all year round, autumn and winter also put their feet on, unconsciouslyIt caused the early aging of the knee joint, so the phrase “Be careful to get old cold legs”, played jokes many times.

How to judge whether you are suffering from “old cold legs”?

Health Preservation teaches everyone a simple self-test method: take 500 meters as the best distance, walk at a speed of 2 steps/second for normal people. If there is no leg pain, hemp and other discomfort symptoms, it means normal, otherwise you need to go to the hospital.Orthopedics for further examination.

Soaking feet is a good way to get rid of the old cold legs. There are too many patients. When the old cold leg is attacking, I like to use the hot compress method to alleviate it. In fact, this is wrong, because Chinese medicine believes that the old cold leg is not enough.And feel the cold and dampness caused by the cold, the treatment is mainly based on cold, hot compress is not conducive to the divergence of cold evil; the most suitable method is to soak feet, water to cover the foot as well, soak for half an hour, to the whole bodySlight sweating is appropriate, because sweating is the best way to chill.

The body’s 12 meridians have 6 origins from the soles of the feet. The soaking feet can stimulate the meridian to run the effect. The blood is rich, the blood flow is smooth, and the cold and dampness has nowhere to hide. The legs are naturally worry-free.

When soaking the feet, you can add some cold medicine to the water to enhance the curative effect, in addition to the cold of the internal organs, blood circulation, and joint adjustment.

After this, Shen Jirong, the chief physician of the Department of Orthopaedics of Jiangsu Province, recommended a foot bath for everyone:[practice]take aconite, achyranthes, spleen, 10 grams of dog ridge, add appropriate amount of water, wait for medicineWhen it is fully mixed into the water, it can be poured into the basin. You can smoke your feet first. When the water is warm enough to be able to soak your feet, soak for 20-30 minutes.

This side is not the same as the ordinary soaking feet, mainly in the cold and dampness, the effect of warming and meridian, the aconite temperature in Fangzhong, is the yang, so the cold is the best of them; the achyranthes is activating blood,Xianling spleen and dog ridge are kidney, aphrodisiac, Tongluo, four flavors of medicine sharing, can make the pain, soreness and stiffness of the old cold legs get relieved, after two to three weeks of soaking, you will see obvious results.
In addition, the old cold legs during autumn and winter, especially pay attention to the cold and warmth of the knee joints, it is best to use warm knee pads when going out; the indoors should also be warm, the clothes should be painted and often sun-proof.

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