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March 23rd International Friendly Match Germany VS England Live Address
At 3:45 am on March 23, Beijing time, an international friendly match between the strong teams before the start of the World Preliminaries will start. The defending World Cup champion Germany will sit at home against the Three Lions England.  This game will be the 130th battle of the German veteran Podolski’s national team. This is the veteran’s return from the national team after the 2016 European Cup.The German team’s rival England is suffering from injuries. Kane, Rooney, Henderson and other generals have not been selected for this list because of injuries. How will this affect England?In the last England-Germany war, England successfully staged a three-ball reversal with two goals behind. In this game, can the German team at home profit revenge successfully?These are the highlights of this game.Letv Sports will broadcast the game live for you.  Confrontation record: The two teams have fought 30 times in international A-level competitions in history. Among them, the England team scored 13 wins, 5 draws and 12 losses, with a slight upper hand. The Three Lions scored 51 goals and lost 41.Ball, and the last match between the two teams was in the warm-up match last March, when the England team fell behind by 2 goals, accompanied by Kane, Valdy and Dale’s goals staged a major reversal.But the last time the two teams met in the big game was in the 1/8 final of the World Cup in South Africa. In that game, Germany defeated England 4-1, and in that game, Lampard’s goal was broken.Il Lao’s not counted shots have also become classic cases of injustice in football history.Odds: (win 8/11, draw 29/10, lose 17/4) Recent trends: There is no doubt that as one of the strongest national teams in the current world football, the World Cup defending champion Germany is on the fieldIt is indeed a rare opponent. They have been unbeaten in the last 6 international games and have won five consecutive victories, but only in a recent international friendly match, a 0-0 draw with the old opponent Italy, and before thatIn the four World Preliminaries, the German team faced Norway, the Czech Republic, Ireland and San Marino respectively. The powerful German team scored 16 goals without scoring a goal. The fighting power was frightening.  The German team’s opponent England’s recent record is not as dazzling as the German team. Their last six games have only 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, although the loss is only a cold defeat in the European Cup in Iceland., But England’s offensive power and momentum are not as strong as the German team.They won 3 wins and 1 draw in the World Cup preliminary after the European Cup. The only draw was an opponent’s draw in the away game. In the most recent game played by England, they played against Spain at home.2-2 Shake hands and watch one: Porti’s progressive battle!Whether the veteran can play this game since the German team under Klinsmann in the 2006 World Cup in Germany won the best rookie of the current cup, the young player Podolski has been in the past ten years.Became a meritorious veteran of the German team.After the short-term announcement of the withdrawal from the national team after the European Cup in 2016, this time the national team training Podolski was once again selected for the German team, and if he can play in the game with the England team, it will be Podolski on behalf of the German teamIn the 130th game played, Prince Porti’s gradual hope of achieving this in the German national team is still quite large from the current point of view. Although it has not been too dazzling in the club, since KlinSince the Sman period, Podolski has always been the most important frontcourt player of the German team, and he has always performed well in the national team. I believe that in such a friendly match, the German coach Loew will definitelyTo fulfill the wishes of Prince Porti, after all, before the game, Loew also said that Bodolski is the only one. He is one of the greatest players of the German team. In such an English-German war, we ushered in the preliminaryWhat kind of performance will Podolsky dedicate to the battle?This will also become a highlight of this game.Aspect 2: Invasion of the Three Lions Injury!The double red captain was absent. After the New Year, the Premier League competition has entered a fierce stage, and this has made the England national team’s senior personnel supplement. First of all, the Liverpool captain Henderson has fallen., Because he suffered a toe injury during the pre-match training before the game against Leicester City, he has missed Liverpool’s last four Premier League games in a row, and this national team day, Henderson was not selected for training.The list also needs to continue to recuperate.In addition to Henderson, the Three Lions also suffered serious injuries in the frontcourt. Sturridge has been replaced in Liverpool, and Tottenham forward Kane and Manchester United captain Rooney will also be in this game.Missing due to injury, in such a lack of generals, England coach Southgate even reluctantly recruited 34-year-old veteran Defoe?In a temporary situation, how will the England team line up?This will also become a major focus of this game.Aspect 3: The war between England and Germany!Can the German team report revenge?  Before this game, the last match between England and Germany was in March last year. It was a warm-up match between the two teams in preparation for the European Cup. In that game, the dominant German team wasIn the case of a 2-ball lead, the old rival England team staged a 3-ball reversal.However, despite occupying the overall record and performing a major reversal in the last game, the German team has become a permanent pain in the hearts of the Englishmen in the last match, and Neuer swiftly took out LampaGermany has already crossed the goal line and made the England team’s mentality unbalanced by a 1-4 defeat.And in the match between the two teams in San Diego, there are never lack of wonderful stories. The goal line in the 1966 England World Cup and the super performance of Irving in the 2001 World Championships are the classics of the joint efforts of the two teams.What kind of spark will the two teams make in this game?The results are worth looking forward to.Voice before the game: England coach Southgate: Defoe is a natural killer, you can recruit young players full of desire to win, of course, you can also recruit such old players full of fighting spirit, I think we can’tFocusing only on young players, while looking at the future, we also hope that the current game will achieve good results.  German coach Luf: Podolski is the wealth of the German team, he is one of the greatest players of the German team.Expected starting time: Germany (4-2-3-1): Goalkeeper: Trapp defenders: Kimihi, Hummels, Mustafi, Hector midfielder: Hedila, Tony Cross  Midfielders: Brant, Sane, Podolsky Forward: Thomas Mueller England (4-2-3-1): Goalkeeper: Joe Hart Guards: Walker, Gary Cahill, Smalling, Luke Shaw midfielder: Dale, Ali Midfielder: Lallana, Raymond, Sterling Forward: Valdy