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Will sensitive people watch psychological disasters?

Jiang Chenggang analyzed that the psychological crisis caused by a movie is a bit exaggerated.

The general nature of people who appear in this state is sensitive alternately, the shocking sound and picture effects of movies, and the impact of catastrophic pictures on them.

This milder hallucination is an acute stress disorder and is transient.

The average person can heal themselves in a week or so and restore their previous state of mind and sleep.

  ”Our vision of cinema should have more dimensions than just the disaster itself.

Dr. Jiang Chenggang said, “In the disaster movie, the trust and cherishment of family members’ emotions can rebuild whether we are aware of our love in our lives.

The protagonist’s experience of escape in the movie can also let us learn how to choose the appropriate hedging measures in the event of a sudden disaster.

However, Dr. Jiang, who had participated in the psychological rescue of the Wenchuan earthquake, suggested: “If you have been affected by the earthquake, people with mental disorders are better off avoiding watching such disaster films, in order to reduce the traumatic events of repeated review and increase psychological trauma.

“After watching the disaster movie, we should cherish it. Now that Dr. Wang Bing has watched” 2012 “twice, he said that the netizens had nightmares, negative emotions, etc. He said that these are all transient in nature, because the film was shot really,Many viewers feel nervous, nervous and emotionally exhausted, which will only make people unable to achieve that kind of situation for a while, but this acute stress response will become normal real life and gradually disappear without being too nervous.

  Dr. Wang said, “After watching a disaster movie, we should cherish the preciousness of life even more, and loving our loved ones will not regret ourselves.

Let’s start from now, sit on the subway or bus, and send a text message to your family and lover at some leisure time and say ‘thank you’ to someone you want to be grateful for.

“One philosopher said,” Sometimes, instead of eliminating fear of death, we must learn to live with courage.

“This sentence is the best placebo.

Those who experience psychological discomfort should think more about their family and be good at finding more happiness around them.

  Watching a comedy film to help you ease your anxiety, “In fact, the reason why this film may have acute stress disorder is because of earthquakes, tsunamis and other disasters that have happened in the past. Many people may not have experienced it.A sense of distance, and the film is about the end of the world that humanity is about to face, giving the impression that everyone can’t escape.

Director Guo said.

  Director Guo said that the best solution for this kind of acute stress disorder is to get rid of the stimulus source. Stop watching such disaster films, horror movies, etc. Avoiding them can gradually eliminate the symptoms, and you can also find some light-hearted comediesTake a look. Relaxing the tight nerves can ease your anxiety.

In fact, you should consider real life and arrange your life more fully so that you don’t get absorbed in the context of the film.

  The most important thing is, of course, to be with your family, to get psychological support from your family will make you feel safe and free from fear and worry.

Of course, if the stress response is severe and affects daily life and has not improved for more than a month, you should see a psychologist.