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ESPN predicts Cavaliers will win NBA championship Spurs this summer is still Zhan Huang’s biggest opponent
On October 29th, Beijing time, ESPN called 28 experts to predict the division of the new season’s regional championship and championship. Most experts are optimistic about winning the championship is the Cleveland Cavaliers who got LeBron James this summer.The Cavaliers who formed the Big Three have become the most famous champions. In the championship prediction, the Cavaliers got 14 votes, the San Antonio Spurs got 9 votes, the Oklahoma City Thunder got 3 votes, and the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers each got 1 vote.  In the prediction of the Eastern Conference champions, the Cavaliers led by an overwhelming 23 votes, and five other experts voted for the Chicago Bulls.The Western Conference’s predictions are much more intense, with the Spurs getting 14 votes, the Thunder 8 votes, the Clippers 5 votes, and the Warriors 1 vote.  The winners of the championships in each division are as follows: Cavaliers (Central Division), Wizards (Southeast Division), Raptors (Atlantic Division), Spurs (Southwest Division), Thunder (Northwest Division), Clippers (Pacific Division).(Le Se)