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Five Laws of Stranger Party


ОAll AA independence is the biggest feature of stranger party.

Economic income, social institutions, and relationships with each other need to be minimal.

  Men and women at the party do not need extra emotional investment, and any problems that need to be troubled need to be avoided.

Money, the simpler the better, the AA approximation is taken for granted.

  Of course, each party has its own preferential policies for women.


Levels are quite common saying: things are grouped by class, people are grouped by group.

Most of the people who can come together have average consumption levels and social categories.

  Because in this relatively balanced party, equality is its basic principle, there is no disparity, and there is no need to look up.


Topics are always detoured. Depression and stress are the wounds of everyone, but here, they are deliberately avoided.

  From the first day to the fifth day, in addition to work or work, when the sixth day comes, everyone should stop blocking each other, and it is enough to discuss the activities that are most interesting.

  They didn’t know that I had just been paid lowered by the director, nor would they take the initiative to mention their brilliant performance.

  This is a completely relaxed party, basically a diplomatic exchange in the general sense, as usual, the topic of business and cooperation is recognized.

Many parties may even be a whole. Everyone does not inquire about each other’s work status, but jokes like a familiar friend. It is not until the end of the exchange of business cards that “he is still with me .”

Do not disturb personal independence on weekdays is a characteristic of stranger parties.

The structure of this party organization is actually very loose. Everyone is busy on weekdays, and there are few telephone calls to express heartfelt comfort.

  Except for a call before a weekend date, usually everyone is an extremely independent individual. Such friends rarely actually disturb each other.


Children may stay at home because the “stranger party” is dominated by unmarried men, and the activities they are engaged in are not very intense, or the limitations of the venue, and most of them are not suitable for children.

  Therefore, leaving children at home seems to be a big law of this kind of party.