She would like to ask, how he came?Also like to ask, he is smaller, how to open car.
  But in the eyes touch his clothes, vaguely guess.
  ”Don Crisp.”
  Yanjing Yang looked at her, he took the side of the placement of breakfast, “I give you to buy breakfast, but a little cold, you eat a little later when the first people to help you get hot.”
  ”Thank you.”Don Crisp bit dumbfounding, he was early in the morning just to send her over breakfast?
  ”Last night I went back to the villa, is back.”Yanjing Yang dark eyes blinked, bright bright and clean,” I am here to observe the night.”
  ”You were here all night last night,?”Don Crisp is not no surprise.She looked at the little guy white and tender little face, Orbital floor is a layer of black 苏州夜网eye, big eyes did not look good, look sleepy.
  She felt a little see through Yanjing Yang, he has done so much, really like her?Or to restore the body?
  ”Ah, I want to be near you.”Little guy’s pointy ears reddish, dark eyes looked a little embarrassed Don Crisp.
  Last night, stay in the door, Yanjing Yang thought about climbing into the house, before he was thrown into the grandfather had military training, the height of this wall did not beat him, but the thought of Don Crisp would be angry, he would dispel the idea.
  Don Crisp hand a little guy handing me for breakfast, lunch as well as a little warmth, her fingertips touching at the warm.
  The sun rises gradually, into the bright morning sun irradiation inside the car, knocked at the crisp Tang’s body, coated with a layer of soft light, color snow smooth face was absurdly handsome.都市夜网
  Yanjing Yang sip sip a small mouth, choked the urge to yawn, he tried to suppress was coming sleepy.
  ”Don Crisp, you do not feel bad I feel bad?”Don not crisp response, he spoke up, eyes glowing because of the storm, overflow with a layer of damp, bright bright, is seeking her praise,