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After 95, Zhejiang University students run marathon on New Year’s Day and win 3 championships in three days, claiming to take running as fun
Running is a low threshold sport, but running a marathon is a matter of talent.The girl Pan Hong who was studying for her senior year at Zhejiang University was very talented in horse racing.Starting from the Shaoxing Marathon on November 25 last year, she recently ran on various marathon tracks in Zhejiang every weekend. 4 domestic women’s half horse champions, 2 super horse relay team champions, 2 elite championsGet soft.The age of her horse race is only 2 years, and she hardly trains at all. She can run up to 20 kilometers per week, and she can run a total of 2 hours and 42 minutes. It is really unacceptable!The marathon started only in 2016. On the New Year’s Day, I won 3 gold. Pan Hong is from Sanhe Town, Tiantai County. After 95, he is a senior student in sports training major at Zhejiang University.It looks quiet and graceful, likes to wear a white peaked cap when running, and standing on the podium will always make the audience under the stage sigh: how beautiful it looks!  Pan Hong has been able to run particularly since she was young. She told the Qianbao reporter that it only took 4 minutes and 22 seconds to run 1500 meters at the third day. The teacher told her that she had reached the level of a national athlete. I remember participating in the school games and running 1500.Mi dumped the second place for a full lap.  However, the real start of the marathon, Pan Hong started in October 2016.  There are a lot of people running around, and I want to try it. In 2016, I ran the first marathon in my life with my friends. It felt particularly good.After that, Pan Hong ran all the major marathons in Zhejiang Province.In the second half of 2018, the crazy participation mode was started, and there have been competitions every week in the last 2 months.  In November, Pan Hong won the domestic women’s third place in the Hangzhou Marathon. After that, he opened the championship mode.  November 25, Shaoxing Marathon domestic women’s half marathon; December 2, Taihu Tuying International Half Marathon domestic women’s champion; December 9, Zhejiang Marathon Classic Elite Women’s Championship; December 16, Zhejiang SuperThe marathon relay team won the championship with the team; on December 23, the Deqing Marathon women’s domestic championship.  Not only back-to-back competitions, but also three gold medals on the New Year’s Day holiday. She even exaggeratedly won three gold medals-Zhejiang University Marathon Women’s Championship, Hangzhou 10km Classic Women’s Group A Championship, and Zhejiang Horse Relay Championship (Suichang 100) team champion.  In just over a month, she won 8 marathon championships in one go.  Up to now, Pan Hong has participated in nearly 30 marathons, and the best score in Malaysia is 2 hours and 42 minutes.平时训练量并不大,一周跑量最多20公里  跑得快还长得漂亮,潘红很快在跑圈里出了名,但和月跑量几百公里的大神不一样,潘红平时几乎No training.  We are usually busy in class, sports medicine, sports anatomy, coaching. which takes time.Therefore, I usually have less running training. I may run once or twice a week, and each time I run about 10 kilometers, and the speed is not fast. It is basically a relaxation.Normally, the senior girl Pan Hong is no different from other classmates. I like to stay in the bedroom and read books and dramas. I like to read Higashino Keigo’s novels, like the very popular movie “Suspect X’s Devotion”. The original is written by him.Yes, the reasoning novel looks particularly enjoyable.What changes does running bring to life?  The biggest change is that it has been a long time since I asked my family about the cost of living and I am self-sufficient.Pan Hong was a little embarrassed, and told reporters with a smile, after he got the results, he went out to the competition with sponsorship.In addition to the usual living expenses, most of the bonuses are saved, and I plan to buy a house in the future, hahaha.  Pan Hong’s circle of friends is different from other running circles. Others like to get results, run volume, and technology. The most shared content in her circle of friends is the food of each marathon. When I went to Quzhou to run the marathon in 16 years, the localThe duck head and rabbit head are really impressive, especially delicious, and taste more than addiction!And this year’s elite tournament in Suichang, there are a lot of local snacks at the end, which is simply satisfying!  My current state is to practice on behalf of the game, using one game to prepare for the next game.It is not too much to pursue results, and forcing yourself to run is easy to cause sports injuries.Put your mind down, take running as fun, and let it run naturally.Pan Hong said that going to participate in competitions is more like a trip to her. The 2018 season is over. Next I will prepare my graduation thesis. The competition ranks second, and I will go when I am free. Original title: This Zhejiang University beauty has a unique talent!Race for only 2 years and win 3 titles in 3 days on New Year’s Day