Ruanzhi Wu and other things divided points later, this head wiped beads of sweat does not exist, good insurance, almost have to be te深圳桑拿网tra private revenge, but fortunately his quick reaction.
  But he carried it dried meat and fruit, to a hostel, it was again that a group of comrades to pressing the.
  Monkey, “Boss, send sister gave you something friends?”
  Ruanzhi Wu grinned, “It was, but my sister put me at ease on!”
  ”What sent?”Monkey Gengzhebozai to look inside the bag.
  ”Tell you what is not sent!”Ruan Zhiwu a repression of others broke away, flung the bag spread, a look of warning,” This time the little things, you can only try the taste, and the rest I want to eat slowly!”
  Monkey face dog-leg, “taste is good taste!”Old everyone’s meat is so delicious.
  After the last time, and now the taste of people want to panic!
  Nguyen rain do not know, she gave something of their own brother, but slipped back in a circle, then quickly came close to being saved.
  This she was in the kitchen and shift, said good brother to do to give their own patties, she went back, just white t explain, let him go back to buy ten pounds of fresh pork.
  White t’s fast, carrying fresh pork, some curious to see the rain, “Miss rain, you can cook it?”
  Nguyen rain embarrassed nodded, “only a lit苏州桑拿网tle!”
  White t raising his hand touched the beard, “cooking will okay!”Cooking can give young master will personally cook.
  ”Cooking is not good will!”
  Chen white from black with a face, and my heart is sour bubble, he did not eat a few tons of rain, homemade meals.
  But now the rain, but do give Ruan Zhiwu meatloaf, came back from a fraternity, had basically gone out the kitchen door, he was jealous, sour, uncomfortable.
  White t some do not understand the idea of young people, particularly wink from the kitchen back out, and the six children squatted in front of the field but also to captured, the kitchen space is left up to their own Master and rain.