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2015 Chilean America Cup Venezuela final 23-person roster led by Arrango
On June 1, Beijing time, Venezuela announced its participation in the 23-man roster for the Chilean America’s Cup in 2015. Super League shooter Mario Longdong regretted losing and missed the current America’s Cup.  At the current America’s Cup, Venezuela is in Group C with Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Although they are of average strength and no star players, this team should not be underestimated. In the last America’s Cup, they reached the top 4.A small part of the schedule of the 2015 Chilean America Cup Venezuela announced that it participated in the 2015 America’s Cup. The 23-man roster is the same as the previous 30-man roster. Seven players were lost, respectively. Thun’s Alexander Gonzalez, AnFernat Mayor of Soatgui, Orozque of Tequila Sports, Santos of Nijmegen, Arist Guetta of Philadelphia United, Mario Longdong of Shijiazhuang Yongchang and CaracasEdel-Farias.Judging from the 23-person roster, the biggest star is Arango. The veteran has played 122 times and scored 22 goals for Venezuela.(Black Mamba) Attached: List of 23 players in the America’s Cup of Venezuela Goalkeepers: Dani Hernandez (Tenerife), Bahloha (Caracas), Fanines (Caracas)Zcalondo (Nantes), Sicello (Mineiros), Rosales (Malaga), Perroso (Ajaccio), Amorebieta (Middlesbrough), Tunisia(Buri South United), Angel (Takira Sports) midfielders: Arango (Tijuana), Lucena (La Guaira), Rincon (Genoa), Cesar Gonzalez(Takira Sports), Seyjas (Santa Fe), Gera (National Athletic), Vargas (Barricos Sports), Acosta (Mineiros) Forward: Fedor (Vallecano)), Salomon Longdon (Zenit), Joseph Martinez (Torino), Rivas (Tachira Sports), Mulillo (Benfica) Group C opponents in the same group: 2015 Chile America CupBrazil’s final 23-man roster Oscar loses Ribeiro shortlisted for the 2015 Chilean America’s Cup Colombia final version 23-man roster J Rofarco is listed in the 2015 Chilean America’s Cup Peru final 23-man roster Pizarro leads