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Eight groups of fitness exercises protecting men’s waist

Men with good physiques also use these groups of sports to continue to keep fit or promote good health, because having a strong and strong waist makes it difficult to make people feel tired, tired and sleepy!

If you want to be energetic and radiant at all times, smart men, let’s work hard!

  The first group: sit-ups (1) Lie flat on the ground, hands folded into the chest, legs slightly bowed, as usual sit-ups, get up and lie down, repeat several times.

The number of times depends on the individual’s physical ability.

People who have poor physical strength or haven’t exercised for a long time can substitute other help, such as replacing the wardrobe pedals to hook their feet, or asking someone to help prevent the instep and get up.

In addition, with both hands stretched forward or lightly placed on the back of the head, it can help athletes to get up easily. Although the effect is not as good as the hands crossed on the chest, it is very suitable for beginners who have a beer belly.

  The second group: sit-ups (two) raise your feet to do sit-ups.

The excellent first group is higher and the effect is stronger than the first group.

If you want to strengthen your abdominal muscles, this group is ideal for multiple exercises.

In addition, you can also use a round stool to replace the posture of raising your legs: take a moderately short round stool, rest your feet on it, and maintain a 90-degree right angle with your body. The feasible method can reduce the burden on beginners, butThe effect is the same as raising the cross with both legs.

  The third group: bend knees and raise legs (1) lie flat on the ground, hands close to the floor, raise legs and bend knees (for fatter people, the alignment can be more curved), then lower, repeat several times, it will help the lower abdomenMuscle exercises.

  The fourth group: bending knees and raising legs (2) sitting on the floor, using the hips as the fulcrum, stretching and supporting the ground, bending and raising the legs, and then lowering.

Obese men can use this method to effectively contract the lower abdomen.

  The fifth group: the lateral abdominal muscle training with one hand inserted into the ear, one hand pressed against the ground, doing sit-ups to the left and right directions, repeated several times.

When doing this group of exercises, the neighbors must be close to the ground, and the hips on their side can only be lifted slightly, not too far away from the ground, otherwise they will easily cause injuries.

  The sixth group: sideways bent knees to raise legs (1) using a couch without handles, sideways legs naturally fall to the ground, hands crossed the chest, knees bent to raise legs.

Similarly, the front end must be close to the seat surface, and even the side lifting legs must be parallel to the seat surface, and do not lift too high.

Do this on the other side after repeating it several times.

  The seventh group: bend your knees sideways and raise your legs (2) lie on your side, bend your elbows to support your head, then raise your knees with one leg, lower, repeat several times, and do the other side.

  In addition to exercising the flank muscles, this group of exercises also strengthens the buttocks muscles. It is likely that men who want to keep in shape will practice.

  The eighth group: use the horizontal bar or parallel bars in the park to suspend the legs and raise the legs, hold the horizontal bars with both hands, and then lift and bend again and again.

Do not shake your legs or straighten during exercise.

This exercise is a good exercise for strengthening the abdominal muscles.

  Of course, in the end, local sports can only temporarily cure the symptoms. If you want to be strong and have a fit, you must cooperate with other sports and persevere in order to really achieve results.