Luo Xue’s style has been before impact when the imperial division of Chodo atmosphere, quite a little sensation Wu with when the wind, the owner set up six paintings are painted on paper well in the first layer by layer color render杭州桑拿ing, and finally treated with the computer, Luoxue full forty-five days did not go out, turnaround time, shut March could not help but eat a little taste of.
  Because it painted too carefully, he is seen Luo Ying, like to give all people □□ are incorporated into the general picture inside.
  Off March sour to compare your own stickman, heart very uneven, suddenly felt that he looks not bad, he would not have participated in anthropomorphic ah?
  The finished product to the Luo Ying studio time, brokers and assistants are shocked – this painting was too like the Luo Ying!Although this is the ink out of the facial features, but that’s just a hair, like ah □□!And look at the intricate texture detail on the garment, and a sense of joy to see that blowing, the people inside the studio would also feel a little Luo Ying endorsement of the plan wronged his popularity, and now look, this too look good!
  Even a layman can see that the level of hand painted, this one set drawing too attractive, it just makes dreams this figure, it is the smoke powder.And this from the photo you want to present it six days, this is called the teacher’s hand painted sleepy too much.
  Luo Ying hand inside to see that a few people set map, a mind is a little warm, ah, is the sis深圳桑拿网ter painting Yeah, but think of my sister certainly draw painting for a long time, something touching and heart is pained.
  He quietly listened to everyone’s praise, even a little feel good little proud, his sister, of course, powerful Luo.

Chapter 126 Pa total national cartoonist of his sister 36, Rue
  Luo Ying few pictures will be uploaded to the collar up, easily Ait a “world’s first intelligent teacher stuck”, turned around and it will be a