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2015 World Youth Championship-Qatar VS China is expected to start No. 14 Sade: must win
Tonight, the key battle of U19 National Youth for the 2015 World Youth Championship tickets is about to start.According to reports from the opponent Qatar National Youth Team, a 3-5-2 formation will be dispatched against the National Youth Team and Tunbing Middle Road will snatch the midfielder.The No. 14 shooter of the current Asian Youth Championship said that the only goal is to win and must win the Chinese team.  Like the National Youth team, Qatar was also damaged by injuries and suspensions. The missing players are all defenders. The Qatar defense has continued to have a certain impact. Among them, No. 12 Jahim Muhammad gradually suspended two yellow cards. 6Abdulaziz Mahmoud’s second match against Iraq was injured and has been recovering.  However, Qatar has not suffered any losses in the midfield. Considering that the National Youth team has a strong ability to split the midfield, Qatar coach Sanchez has let the team fight hard for the midfield. Five midfielders will play against the national youth’s offensive defense hub.Clamping, once the team is turned from offensive, the two forwards can retreat to form a 5 defender defense line, and then use the speed of No. 14 Sadie and No. 19 Muaz to strike and counterattack on the forward line.In the team meeting, Sanchez focused on the balance of offense and defense, because the strength of the two teams is very close, anyone can win the World Youth Championship tickets.  The top scorer, Sadi, who has scored four goals in the Asian Youth Games, said that the Chinese team and Qatar are about the same level. In this game, Qatar has no choice but to win. It must win the Chinese team and hope to achieve success again.The national youth team with card is expected to start: goalkeeper: 1-Youssef Hassan guard: 16-Tamimi Muhezhar, 5-Selkin Abdul, 17-Salim Hajiri midfielder: 8-Ahmed Muain, 18-Asm Madub, 23-Fahad Abdulrahman, 20-Tarrig Salman, 11-Sayed-Balahimmi striker: 19-Muazi Ali, 14-Ahmed Sadie (Liu Feng)