Father into this one darn word, sought to put a stick poked into a hard body Huaijin.
  Huaijin into深圳桑拿网 neat skill, jump sideways, for his innocence, “I did not say bad, you think about yourself, think Yao is that we grew up watching, but also with friends Heng-yu, in respect of the first to tell you Yao thought, anyway, sister, brother in law has also decided to think when her daughter look at Yao, then what can not let think Yao know.Once thought Yao to accept it, it will make us think Yao help persuade Heng-yu, is not such a reason it?”
  Indoor and silent, it exposed, Yao thought the damage is also great, a lot of people start thinking Heng Yu is at the helm of zero, which was zero ah, her attitude is much better than thought Yao, the most And they were all beginning to inform the default value of jade, let help persuade Yu Heng Yao thinking approach.
  But, a man seemingly invincible, does not mean others will be able to wanton damage.
  You can not because a person is strong enough, so you subconsciously favor the weak in your heart, it is n苏州桑拿ot fair for the people that do not get the favor.
  People do have distance closeness, if they opted for a more intimate party, you can not blame Heng-yu with this attitude towards them.
  Huaijin down into one sentence, he found the room went quiet, he was afraid for a while to find the old man react to him afterwards, quickly look for an excuse to sneak out.
  Father found himself into a timid little boy ran out, even angry, that his son did not know how to raise, and that is not a serious matter, it will be dedicated to his father gas.
  ”Keke, come back tomorrow to think Yao, Yao should also inform thinking about it..”Father Qi cough cough,