Although long have guessed goal Gu sleepless.
  But now I sleep from his mouth say so Gu, Li Chuze still some shock.
  Gu sleep suddenly asked: “Teacher, do you think I can do?”
  Gu Li Chuze looked at sleep, she南宁桑拿 asked: “If I say no, you’ll give up yet?”
  Gu sleepless honest shook his head.
  ”Then why ask.”Li杭州桑拿 Chuze faint, said:” Now that you’ve made a decision, it would be doing all they could do.”
  Gu sleep suddenly some helpless sigh.
  Li Chuze slightly puzzled look at her.
  Gu blinking sleep with a pair of sparkling black eyes looked Li Chuze, some frustration, said: “Teacher, I just want to here from you a little bit of encouragement ah.”
  Li Chuze slightly Yizheng.
  ”Forget it.”Gu sleepless look helpless, said:” The teacher helped me look at my action where there is no place to do it, then I jump again?”
  Li Chuze put into the mouth, then silently swallowed.
  Gu sleep has been trained to half past one, for fear of Li Chuze go, so learning is particularly hard, but the result was her first hold on.
  Finally, a complete jump down again, after Li Chuze faint nod, she suddenly slumped on the ground, as if the last vestiges of strength w杭州夜网as drained, sleepy eyelids up and down fight, the people are a little collapse.
  Li Chuze looked at the time, and then stepping out onto the front of Gu sleep, slightly bent down, reached out to her: “Just to be here today.”
  Gu sleep nodded and laboriously looked up, saw out into the hand in front of her, she did not think, put his hand on his palm, and he was holding, only that Li Chuze big hand and warm, but also exceptionally strong, he did not feel how hard she stood up floating.
  Gu sleepless legs a little de-force, a being pulled up the legs is a soft, unstable current stature staggered, the people are Li Chuze flew