Only then say, Long Qing would think Mimi is now in the hands of Murong Lan, but also very secretive, at least half past one would not find his place.
  Say how many girl-care hospital, also deliberately exaggerated to say so, the purpose is to let the dragon Qing know, Sumi now is alive or dead Murong Lan have to listen t南宁桑拿o her word, so that their plans before they can do more with less.
  As a result of such a threat Murong Lan will face what kind of outcome, this is not a concern Murong Sheng, put it plainly, who cares what thing?Who knew she was not stupid, I thought he was the one who calculating the overall control of it all?
  This on its own dismal, no wonder the others.
  For those bent on seeking death, as it happens Murong Sheng and nausea, he really does not mind pushing a bitter, so she went to see Yan Wangye as soon as possible to discuss about the issue of reincarnation.
  ”Well, rest assured that his younger brother, I remember, on such a thing, how sister would effect?Without further ado, younger brother, you are quickly running a bar.”Murong Lan thought, taking advantage of this time we also have to look good job dressing up, if佛山桑拿网 otherwise, the time for the prince saw his unkempt appearance, that may be what?
  ”Elder sister busy, I went to ask the princes to come, but lasts a half an hour, the elder sister and the prince can spend the night.”
  Murong Sheng stood up, mouth Qin Zhao faint smile, laugh, said there are some slightly.

  ☆, nine hundred and thirteenth chapter: Long Qing fooled

  For such a woman is already regarded as a very frivolous and disrespectful words fell on ears Murong Lan was actually a surprisingly pleasing to the ear, and Murong Lan also blushed.
  Shy stare Murong Sheng: “