Lin is the director really want to replace her.
  And replace her man,
  Tang Siu-tong!

The first 086 chapters (catch the worm)
  These days, Yan Yan had a very suffering.
  Lin director stricter than before, “regent” director, and very against her.
  Tang Siu-tong and others are generally two to three times before, a crazy NG to her, even if she did not really show them good, but really do not have NG nearly twenty times now, and I’m the director often give others speak drama, but never talked to her.
  Some think the staff said she delayed progress, she is not delib苏州桑拿网erately delay the.
  But Yan Yan thought, this is the most embarrassing worst result, so many days I’m the director did not mention a thing substitutions, Yan Yan substitutions that will not have a say.
  However, word substitutions so sudden and crashed into the ears of Yan Yan.
  Even the director wanted to use Tang Lin Tang change her!
  Are you kidding.
  Yan Yan trembling air, she is in what capacity, what is the identity of Tang Siu-tong?
  She was replaced enough shame, if the replacement Tang Siu-tong, what her face to stay in this circle?
  Yan Yan has been with the assistant cautiously behind this look pretty good mood today, Yan Yan relieved, the results finally got other staff and crew chat empty, the result is a little bit Yan Yan heard a sharp sound thundered,
  ”Never mind the immediate Xiazhuan unpleasant, but北京夜网 no one is looking for when something happens, I want you to have what can not do your job to pack up early roll.”
  Assistant face suddenly a white, hands still holding Yan Yan of a pile of clothes, a look of fear quickly cry out expression and several people say sorry, then chasing past Yan Yan.
  Just a few people and Yan Yan assistant talking, looking at the distance was small girls were accused of a trial of strength to bow to admit, a man cursed “Lv” directly turned around and leave.
  Yan Yan this assistant, timid, and they are the kind of talk Peizhao Xia