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National Stock-to-Share Companies: This year’s market segmentation is regularly adjusted and implemented in three batches
Sauna Night News On April 10, the National Stock Transfer Company reported that in order to coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and market segmentation regular adjustment work, the National Stock Conversion Company formulated the “Regarding 2020 Market Segmentation Periodic Adjustment Related Work Arrangements”.”Notice”, clarifying the regular adjustment of market segmentation in 2020 to implement “one-time adjustment, batch implementation.”The notice clarifies the schedule for regular adjustments this year.After a preliminary judgment, the list of companies that meet the entry requirements of the innovation layer and trigger the regular downgrade of the innovation layer will be sent in three batches from April 30, May 31, and June 30, respectively.Based on this, the sponsored securities firm will do a good job of verification and serve well-qualified listed companies to apply to enter the innovation layer.All batches of adjustment layers are completed within 1 month after the company list is released.The notice also framed the scope of this year’s regular adjustment of the enterprise. The three batches of implementation are for listed companies whose audited 2019 annual reports have been disclosed before April 30, May 31, and June 30, 2020.Participate in level adjustment.According to the notice, the average value of the financial indicators involved in the regular adjustments this year is based on the disclosed and audited 2019 annual report; the three conditions of market value, total share capital, number of qualified investors, and the fact that they cannot enter the innovation layer, eachSome are based on April 30, 2020 as the base date for judgment; issue financing, formulating and disclosing corporate governance systems require completion before applying in all aspects.Taking into account the impact of the epidemic, listed companies that need to postpone disclosure of annual reports due to the epidemic situation will not affect their transfer to the innovation layer, nor will they constitute the fact that they will be appropriately transferred out of the innovation layer.The provisions of relevant announcements and the practical and relevant disclosure obligations fully disclose the risks to the market.For listed companies whose board secretary has not yet obtained qualifications, they are allowed to flexibly handle the application by submitting relevant commitments when applying to enter the innovation layer.Market owners can grasp all the preparation work for listed companies to enter the innovation layer.Next, during the regular adjustment process of market segmentation in 2020, the National Equity Reform Corporation will arrange special consultation telephones to provide targeted service arrangements, and at the same time guide the sponsoring brokers to actively meet the relevant needs of listed companies, guide the market to participate, and do their best for this yearThe grading adjustment work is the expected basis for the smooth implementation of the reform of the New Third Board.Sao Yee Editor Zhao Ze