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In 2008, the top ten occupations of women in the workplace, the most popular among toy designers

Toy designer career introduction: toy products and toys, children’s appliances, creativity, design, production and other work.

Including: drawing creative sketches, designing functional modules, layout design drawings, programming production processes, and so on.

  Prospects for development: Through the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s consumption level in spiritual civilization has also increased.

Tianjin University of Science and Technology opened the first professional in the country. In 2005, the first graduates were snapped up by employers, and some design talents also invested in this field.

  HR Management Professional Employment Introduction: The main feature is the selection of talents within the company, training, and the handling of administrative matters.

This is a position of expert practical experience, but if it has long-term development, it needs some wider contacts and knows the knowledge and skills of career planning.

  Development prospects: The transformation of competition has intensified, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have gradually established their own human resources departments.

From personnel assistant to human resources director.

The demand is huge, and it is an industry that starts late and develops rapidly in China.

  Home Designer Career Introduction: Art designer for housewares.

Small to exquisite tea cups, large and gorgeous furniture are the perfect works of home designers.

Their inspiration can decorate the “home” more colorful.

  Development prospects: The rapid development of the real estate industry enables people to have a unique indoor environment after they have their own independent space.

After satisfying the basic needs of their own lives, people pay more attention to the spiritual enjoyment beyond survival.

For example: the sofa is both durable, comfortable, more beautiful and elegant.

  Career Planner Career Introduction: Provide advice, guidance and help for social job seekers to choose jobs, employment and employers to recruit talents.

In addition to the labor security system, the relevant business scope also involves talent market, information consultation, employment agencies, schools, enterprises and many other departments.

  Development prospects: At present, there are about 50 career counseling organizations in the country and several employment guidance centers in 2000.

There are 80,000 employment agencies, but among the employees, there are less than 500 people who have obtained the qualifications of professional planners, and only about 10,000 people have obtained the qualifications of professional instructors.

  Yoga Coach Job Description: Yoga originated in India, through the adjustment of internal atmosphere, adjustment of physical discomfort, to achieve a healthy effect.

Yoga instructors can guide others after they are proficient in action and atmosphere.

  Development prospects: The transformation of modern people’s fitness concept, all kinds of large and small fitness places have sprung up everywhere.

The Yoga Club has been a new industry in the past few years, but now there are yoga classes in any fitness venue.

Yoga coaches have a broad market prospect.

  Small language guide tour career introduction: open to the world through the Chinese door.

English is no longer able to meet the needs of major travel agencies.

This type of, Soviet, democratic translation has become a much needed talent for travel agencies.

Their monthly salary will not be less than 5,000 yuan.

  Prospects for development: The upcoming 2008 Olympic Games, as well as the 2010 World Expo, a strong social need for another stage for small language talent.

In addition to tour guides, they can also become Olympic professionals.

  Public nutritionist career introduction: The health problems of chronic diseases caused by unreasonable expectations and nutritional imbalances have attracted people’s attention. Public nutritionists can use professional medical knowledge to help adjust consumption structure, invest in nutrition, and achieve high standards of living.And the quality of life has become a consumer trend.

  Development prospects: Hiring nutrition consultants has become a modern consumer fashion; public dietitians have become new national occupations, and have improved professional identity and social awareness for practitioners.

At present, the family nutrition consultant annual fee is about 8,000 yuan, the enterprise nutrition consultant annual fee is about 4 million, the nutrition consultant is a high-level freelance professional, and a medium-level public dietitian has an annual income of about 100,000 yuan.

  Perfume Professional Introduction: Use fragrances and accessories to design and blend flavors or fragrances.

Women have an innate level of appreciation for spices, which is perfect for this profession.

  Development prospects: Today, flavors have been widely used in dozens of products such as food, cosmetics, medicine, environmental protection, textiles, etc.

The demand for this profession is growing.

At present, there are nearly a thousand companies producing spices and flavors in the Soviet army, and the demand for perfumers is increasing at a rate of 15% per year.  Anime Plotter Occupation Introduction: Use animation techniques and methods to independently replace the animation.

  Development prospects: There are not many original animation works in developing countries. The animation ranks are more hand-painted for foreign animation companies. If the students of animation majors can strengthen the cultivation of original consciousness, their exhibition world will be greatly expanded.

  Parent-child education teacher career introduction: Parent-child education is a two-way education.

It is the adaptation of parent-child relationship through the training and promotion of parents, so as to better promote children’s human health and develop harmoniously.

  Development prospects: In recent years, various parent-child education institutions such as the Parent-child Education Institute, the Parent-Child Club, the Early Learning Center, the Parent-Child Park, etc. have also been established in various large and medium-sized cities.

Some communities in Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities also have specialized parent-child education counselors who work as a guide for thousands of families and all need relevant practitioners.