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2.300 million signings!Manchester City spend money to play to death where is worse than Chelsea (picture)
Pellegrini had only the last 12 games left to save himself, which was the title of the “Daily Mail” when commenting on Manchester City’s current response.This season’s Premier League is about to enter the final sprint stage, and now the defending champion Manchester City is 5 points behind Chelsea one game less. The prospect of the championship is already very optimistic. In fact, Manchester City’s sudden high and low performance this season also makes peopleVery unexpectedly, the “Daily Mail” believes that under the inevitability of huge investment, Manchester City failed to buy players in the transfer market to strengthen the team’s weaknesses, which is a major reason leading to Manchester City’s constant state.A picture can be most vividly reflected.”Daily Mail” statistics of Manchester City’s recruitment effect in the past 3 seasons is limited. “Daily Mail” statistics. Since winning the Premier League title in 2012, Manchester City has a total of 2 recruitments in the last 3 seasons.At 300 million pounds, Manchester City’s cost of just counting the net expenditure also exceeded 1.500 million pounds, which means that on average each season, Manchester City’s net recruitment expenditures are as high as 50 million miles. Although the investment is huge, Manchester City has successfully recruited in the past three seasons.  In the 2012/13 season, Manchester City launched Harvey Garcia (16 million), Nastasi (12 million), Rodville (12 million), Sinclair (8 million), Maicon (3 million) andRichard Wright (free of charge), the total cost of recruiting reached 51 million, but now none of these people can gain a foothold in Manchester City. Now, the signing of this season has been a failure.  The 2013/14 season arithmetic was a relatively successful signing season. Manchester City transferred Fernandinho (30 million), Jovitic (25.8 million) and Negredo (20.6 million) in this year.Navas (15 million) and Demekalis (3.5 million) have a total cost of 94.9 million.Today, in addition to Negredo leaving the team, several others are still in the lineup, but in general, only Demikelis can hold the team’s iron main position, and the signing effect of this season may be long-term.Also below expectations.  In the 2014/15 season, Manchester City also spent 81 million pounds on the transfer market, including Mangala (32 million), Boni (28 million), Fernando (12 million), and Caballero (6 million), Zukurini (3 million) as well as Lampard and Sania for free.Judging from the current results, it is very likely that the bright one will still belong to Lampard, and Mangara, who is expected to have high hopes, is sluggish.Judging from the signings in the past three seasons, Manchester City has spent too much money, but the effect has been very limited.  ”Daily Mail” pointed out politely that Manchester City is still relying on the signing of Mark Hughes and Mancini era, Pellegrini’s signing effect is very unsatisfactory.The newspaper also pointedly pointed out that at the same time, Chelsea’s signing cost is 31 million less than that of Manchester City, but the signing effect in these three seasons is much stronger than that of Manchester City. Hazard, William, CostaFabregas and Oscar are now Chelsea’s main players, and Manchester City’s signings are inferior.Mourinho’s Chelsea can always strengthen his weaknesses by recruiting, and in this regard, Manchester City, which has spent more money, is obviously not smart enough!(Marko)